ARABC GROUP | Consulting
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Based on the requirements of modern enterprise and sophisticated mechanisms of action we have the introduction of consulting and engineering designs department and manages this section dedicated team of professors systems consultants headed by:
Prof. Mohammad Majed al-Ani


1. Accounting designs soil “design more than a hundred species of precast columns, drainage ways, the design of foundations and foundations Alhsaria tapeworm concrete buildings and various facilities and are most of these accounts by professional engineering programs.
2. Structural designs Account designs of buildings and bridges have been more than 100 building and 20 bridge completion and was carried out by professional programs STAAD III, ETABS, SAFE, AUTOCAD
3. Engineering consultancy: It has been providing counseling by the team to many government institutions in all Iraqi provinces, including the capital Baghdad.
4. Feasibility Study: A feasibility study projects of all economic and technical aspects and the search for solutions to all problems facing the project.